Winter Special Order Vegetables

Pre-Purchase only

-Pre purchase by 2pm Wed, Jan 25
Pickup this Thurs Jan 26th, Wisteria, Morganton, 4-5 pm, 108 E. Meeting St.

-Pre purchase by 2pm Thursday, Jan 26th
Pickup this Friday Jan 27th, Cafe Rule, Hickory, 1-2pm, 242 11th Ave NE

Minimum Vegetable Purchase $15
Example: Select 1 bunch scallions, 2 pounds carrots, and 3 pounds sweet potatoes.

1. Use a credit card through PayPal and purchase these special items now. You can not purchase any other items (any meats like chicken or chops) from our online farmstore in the same shopping cart. If you have any difficulties purchasing your special items online, make sure that you do not have pork chops or beef steaks in your shopping cart.

2. If you would like to pre-order other meats: individual items like chicken, lamb, chops, or steaks please create another shopping cart with your meat AFTER you have purchased the vegetables through paypal.  You will pay for your pre-order of meat at the time of pickup with a check or cash.

 Please feel free to contact us with questions or problems. We can help you get what you want!


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