Large Family Pork Pack (fed organic grains)

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Large Family Pork Pack with Shoulder Roast or Boneless Ham Roast

Contains a variety of cuts totaling about 30 pounds of meat.  A great variety pack with all the common cuts including more sausage and pork chops! If you have a little more space in your freezer this is a great way to stock up and “shop” from your freezer.

Sold by the pound. 10% off retail price. Approx $26o. 


Large Family Pack                   

Number of Items





Roasts: Shoulder or Fresh Ham (approx 3.5 lb each)


Country Sausage (ground,1 lb each)


Italian Sausage or Bratwurst           (links, approx 1.1 lb packs)


Packs of Spare Ribs

Producer: Bluebird Farm
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with 2 shoulder roasts ($260.00)
with 2 boneless ham roasts ($260.00)
with 1 shoulder roast and 1 boneless ham roast ($260.00)