Pastured Beef

Pasture Beef raised on high quality grass pasture. 

Amazing flavor!

Grazed on grass rotated to the best pastures twice every week. No hormones or antibiotics. Small supplemental rations of non-GMO brewer's barley helps develop marbling in our flavorful, pasture raised beef. Our sides of beef are dry aged for 9-14 days according to size and marbling for an amazing richness and flavor profile.

We raise tender pastured beef in partnership with our family friend and farming neighbor/mentor on 30 beautiful acres of pasture.

Our delicious beef is a great way to include healthy red meat in your diet.


RESERVE your Seasonal Quarter and 1/2 Beef:

Place an order for Quarter Beef or 1/2 Beef and we'll contact you to set up a pickup date for when the next beef is ready.

Winter Beef is ready now.

Sold by the pound, all prices per pound (with the exceptions of the beef packs.)