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Pastured Lamb

You'll love our lamb! Lamb is my favorite meat, and the flavors from grass are distinct and delicious.

We offer meat from lambs grazed on grass pastures. Grassfed lamb is abundant in "good fats" such as Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids.  

Our meat lambs are raised humanely on grass pastures. The lambs graze on high quality grasses during the growing season-never kept in a corral for fattening.  The flock is grazed around the farm in a high density, short duration pasture rotations from April to mid December.  This eliminates overgrazed pasture lands and keeps the soil healthy, while producing strong, well growing animals.  

Our lamb is seasonal and limited in availability.  

All prices below (besides the Lamb Pack) are per pound. Lamb is sold by weight.

Pastured Lean Beef

Lean Pasture Beef raised on high quality grass pasture. 

Amazing flavor!

No hormones or antibiotics.  Grazed on grass rotated to the best pastures twice every week. Small supplemental rations of non-GMO brewer's barley helps develop marbling in our flavorful, pasture raised beef. Our sides of beef are dry aged for 9-14 days according to size and marbling for an amazing richness and flavor profile.

We raise tender and lean pastured beef in partnership with our family friend and farming neighbor/mentor on 30 beautiful acres of pasture.

Our delicious beef is a great way to include healthy red meat in your diet.


RESERVE your Seasonal Quarter and 1/2 Beef:

Place an order for Quarter Beef or 1/2 Beef and we'll contact you to set up a pickup date for when the next beef is ready.

Winter Beef is ready now.

Sold by the pound, all prices per pound (with the exceptions of the beef packs.)

Pastured Pork

 The flavor of pastured pork is amazing!  The full flavor of our pork comes from how the animals are raised at Bluebird Farm.

We feed our meat pigs certified organic grains.

Our pigs have plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and room to range and root.

Sold by the pound, all prices per pound (with exceptions of pork packs.)